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Wood Fences

A new wood fence brings a nice, natural beauty to your backyard and/or property. GlennStone Fence offers completely custom wood fence installation in the Springfield metro area as well as Nixa, Ozark, Republic and the surrounding Ozarks communities. All wood fences from GlennStone are built from premium Western Red Cedar or pressure treated pine to ensure natural beauty and privacy from your new wood fence.

Custom wood fences are commonly built as a privacy fence, spaced picket, shadowbox styles and post and rail. Regardless of which style you select, our wood fences are built especially for you, to our stringent specifications, from your choice of design.

GlennStone Wood Privacy Fence - GlennStone Fences Springfield MO
Privacy fence is the perfect choice for all security and privacy needs and that is why it is the most popular style in this area. Due to its ease of installation and the ability to use a variety of different materials, we can compliment almost any landscaping around your home.
GlennStone Shadow Box Fence - GlennStone Fence Company Springfield MO
Shadowbox fence is a semi-private style that offers a finished look on both sides. These are popular in areas where neighbors share property lines, or just when homeowners want a similar appearance on the inside as the finished outside of the fence.
GlennStone Spaced Picket Fence - GlennStone Fence Company Springfield MO
Spaced picket fence can be both attractive and functional. In the front yard it can be used to enhance the beauty of your home, while in the rear yard it can provide a beautiful barrier to keep the kids and dog where they belong. Since every pool needs a fence, a properly built spaced picket fence will meet the laws pertaining to swimming pools and at the same time provide a handsome backdrop to your landscaping.
GlennStone Post and Rail Fence - GlennStone Fence Company Springfield MO
Post and rail comes in many different shapes and sizes. The old style split rail fence has a rustic look while the doweled or paddled cedar post and rail has a more uniform appearance. We also carry a 1" x 6" horse or farm type fence with pressure treated rails. Depending upon the style you choose each come in 2 rail, 3 rail or 4 rail heights. Either of these would be the perfect choice, if you have a large piece of land and are looking to add beauty and border around your property or as a decorative accent to your front yard.
GlennStone Wood Gates - GlennStone Fence Company Springfield MO
GlennStone Fence also offers completely custom wood gates. Our gates can be manufactured to match any of these styles and are built after the fence installation process is finished to ensure that it is the perfect fit for your new fence. Wood gates by GlennStone are durable and consistent with the look and natural feel of your fence.

When we are finished, we will have transformed your property into the rustic natural look you have been waiting for your family to enjoy.