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Vinyl Fences

Today's fence industry has advanced far beyond a simple wooden privacy fence or a plain chain link fence to secure your yard. When vinyl fences exploded into the industry, it brought a whole new level of beauty, value and privacy to your property.

Though wood and chain link fences are not obsolete, vinyl fencing is the definite way to go for the 21st century and beyond. A new vinyl fence will add the privacy of a wood fence along with the security of a chain link fence, however, it will also add a great amount of beauty, class and value to your property, all for nearly the same price.

At GlennStone Fence, we use only Certainteed Bufftech, the best material available for vinyl fencing to date. Many fence companies today are converting to cheap vinyl fence products as a result of today's economy, however, GlennStone Fence continues to offer the best possible vinyl fence in the industry. GlennStone Fence is Southwest Missouri's leader in outdoor fence products and installation and Bufftech Vinyl Fencing by GlennStone Fence is the name in vinyl fencing that you can trust.

The Vinyl Advantage

Engineered to last, our vinyl products feature weather resistant vinyl construction:
  • Impervious to corrosion, peeling, flaking and discoloration, unlike other fence materials
  • Virtually maintenance-free. No painting, scraping sanding or replacing warped or rotted sections
  • Ideal for all climates
  • Easy to clean
  • Impervious to insect damage
  • Safe, Strong and Durable
  • Animal Friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Many styles comply with local pool codes
  • Matching gates available
  • Certain styles also include a steel-reinforced bottom rail for exceptional structural strength
  • Innovative co-extrusion process offers increased durability plus unparalleled protection from discoloration due to damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Consistent quality and appearance
  • Lifetime limited warranty with SureStart Protection
  • Timeless beauty
  • Looks first day beautiful, year after year
  • A proprietary texturing process allows Chesterfield privacy fence to deliver a realistic texture:
  • CertaGrain offers a realistic woodgrain texture
  • CertaStucco offers an innovative alternative to traditional stucco styling in an economical easy-care vinyl design.

Some of the more popular styles we have to offer include:

GlennStone Vinyl Privacy Fence - GlennStone Fences Springfield MO
Privacy fence delivers the ultimate in complete privacy, with no gaps between the pickets. The Bufftech privacy line features our exclusive CertaGrain®authentic woodgrain texture and CertaStucco™ innovative stucco texture — plus an expansive color offering including unique, darker shades and semi-transparent stain blends that further enhance the look of real wood.
GlennStone Semi Private Fence - GlennStone Fences Springfield MO
Semi-private fence provides the perfect balance of privacy and airflow. This type of fence features slight spacing between the pickets to allow light and air to enter, while still offering just the right amount of privacy.
GlennStone Spaced Picket Vinyl Fence - GlennStone Fences Springfield MO
Spaced Picket fence is a classic fence style that features a timeless look. These versatile fences work well in a variety of different landscapes and offer an appealing decorative boundary. Our picket styles are available in both traditional and contemporary designs.
GlennStone Post and Rail Vinyl Fence - GlennStone Fences Springfield MO
Post & Rail fence is a type of fence that’s typically used as an animal enclosure. Bufftech’s 3-rail and 4-rail styles are specially designed for containment of horses and other livestock, while the 2-rail and Crossbuck styles are suitable for decorative applications.
GlennStone Vinyl Pool Fence - GlennStone Fences Springfield MO
Pool fence styles have been engineered to meet most local building codes for use around swimming pools. Generally, pool fencing must be at least 4 feet high, with picket spacing less than 4 inches apart. Be sure to check with your local building department for code requirements in your area.

At GlennStone Fence, we recognize the great amount of beauty and value that a vinyl fence adds to your home or property and we take this into great consideration when working on your project. All of our vinyl fence installations are professionally installed according to the current guidelines and regulations.

GlennStone Fence offers the industry's best warranty on vinyl fence material. We guarantee a LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY on your new vinyl fence material when it is installed by our professionals.


Cleaning vinyl fencing is easy and requires very little effort. You can simply use a bucket of soapy water along with a rag and begin cleaning. To ensure maximum beauty, you should clean your vinyl fence every 6-12 months or whenever cleaning is needed.