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Residential Gutters

The gutter system on your home is there to move rainwater off your roof, preventing water damage to your soffits, fascia, and exterior paint. Your gutter system also guides rainwater away from your house, preventing it from settling around the foundation and seeping into your interior walls and basement.

Seamless or “continuous” gutter systems are custom built onsite in precise lengths for your home. They aren’t jointed like traditional gutters, so there are no seams to eventually fail and leak. This is no small thing, as traditional gutters are jointed every ten feet, sometimes more depending on your roofline.

Another advantage of seamless gutters is their strength. Rain, snow and ice can place a great deal of weight on your gutter system, straining any seams, causing them to flex, and thereby eventually leak.
While custom seamless gutters might initially sound more expensive than their seamed counterparts, they are a better value because they perform better, last longer, and are relatively trouble free.

At GlennStone Gutters, we pride ourselves in using the latest up to date installation methods and materials. This includes using Raytec gutter hangers which are top of the line for gutter hangers with a pull strength of 255 pounds. We install our gutter hangers with zinc coated screws instead of the standard painted screws common so you don’t end up with rusted screws which can cause your guttering system to fail prematurely.

All end caps and miters are sealed with Geocell self leveling gutter sealant which has excellent bonding properties and flattens as it dries as to help prevent damming on inside and outside corner miters.

Downspouts are attached to the gutter with an aluminum drop in cup either round or square depending on amount of flow desired thru the spout.

These cups flow the same as the old method of cutting and splaying the bottom of the gutter yet help support the downspout and gutter if spout was ever to come loose from the house and will prevent the weight or swinging of spout from ripping the gutter run itself.

All the screws used in miters, downspout, elbow, and the straps that attach it to the house are color matched to the system and installed in proper locations as to prevent flow leaks from the spouts.
We take pride in our work and believe that every residential gutter installation must be both visually pleasing and functional. Our GlennStone Gutter specialists are experienced, responsible, and fully capable of handling all residential gutter installation, cleaning, and repair.

Whether it has to do with gutter installation or anything else related to gutters, we can take care of it for you. The GlennStone Gutter team is happy to meet with you at your convenience for an estimate at no charge. We will not offer any pressure. Just our knowledge and experience.