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K Style Gutters

K Style gutters are either 5” or 6” wide and they have flat bottoms and backs. The front side of the gutter usually has a decorative shape that mimics crown molding. In general, K-style gutters have more capacity than their half-round cousins of the same width.

Because of their unique shape, K Style gutters are less likely to bend or protrude when impacted by force, which makes them stronger. However, K Style gutters have more sharp edges on which debris can catch or accumulate, and they are also harder to clean than their rounded counterparts.

K Style Gutters are the most common style of gutter, which means they are generally less expensive to install than half round or box gutters. Our portable gutter-making machine allows GlennStone Gutters to feed in aluminum sheets to be fashioned into seamless K-gutters of any custom length. This allows us to finish a custom gutter job quickly and easily without the use of other vendors or subcontractors.

The main reason K-style gutters are the most widely-used gutters shape is because when you look at K-gutters on a house or structure, they resemble crown molding and their profiles blend better with the look of the house.

However, many different gutter styles will transport runoff water just as well, so homeowners need to work with our experts at installing gutters at GlennStone Gutters and decide whether K-gutters are right for them.