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Gutter Materials

GlennStone Gutters can be made out of aluminum, copper or steel. These gutter materials vary depending on the application and what the type of gutter is being installed.

For most residential installations, the most popular gutter type is made of seamless aluminum, known as formed K-style gutters. These gutters are roll formed from an aluminum coil that is either .027” or .032” thick. These gutters are coated in a Kynar paint both front and back for resistance to fading and they are hung off the fascia board with hidden hangers.

All the accessories on our seamless aluminum gutters are also treated with this same Kynar paint process including all endcaps, miters, downspouts, elbows, downspout straps, and splash guards so the gutters all match in a uniform color. Many different colors are available and our seamless aluminum gutters are formed into the shape and length you need at your home.

We can also create seamless gutters out of copper or steel as well. Copper is usually reserved for classic restorations. It’s handsome, never rusts and never needs painting. They are expensive, but add value to your home and require less maintenance than aluminum or other materials. However, copper gutters will oxidize and turn green over time unless they are treated. There are several sealants available that can be applied to keep copper gutters looking golden and shiny.

Steel gutters can stand up to ladders and fallen branches better than aluminum. But even thick galvanized steel eventually rusts through and need to be painted, inside and out. Stainless-steel gutters are strong and rust-free, and maintain their high sheen for years. But, like copper, stainless steel is expensive. Commercial box gutters are typically only made out of steel for its strength because of their size and water carrying capacity, but these gutters also hung with hidden hangers for a smooth installed look.

Regardless of which gutter material you choose you can rest assured that the GlennStone Gutters team will install the best seamless gutters using top of the line techniques, so your new gutters not only look great, but will stand the test of time.