Wood TP UAF200M 3 Rail Com Grade Privacy Fence - Fencing Installation Companies Springfield MOGlennStone True Blue Standards

1. Win-Win or No Deal:  We won’t make promises we can’t keep just to get your business.

2. Warranties: We cover everything related to our work. No loopholes to avoid responsibility. We stand behind our warranties and will honor them.

3. Lien Waivers: Rest assured, with GlennStone, you will only pay for the project once. We pay our bills and we’re proud of it. We provide lien waivers after payment is collected in full.

4. Presentable: Our representatives are clean cut, polite and professional.

5. Cleanliness: What can we say? We pick up after ourselves.

6. Turn Key Proposals: At GlennStone, we understand that no one likes surprises or a roofing or gutters company who “holds you hostage”. We adhere to the contract and prices, so you know what to expect upon completion of your project.

7. Competitive Pricing:  We work on fixed operating margins so our estimates are fair and consistent.

8. No Bait and Switch: You get what you pay for at GlennStone. We refuse to cut corners after the contract is signed in an effort to increase our “bottom line”.

9. Pay it Forward:  Locally owned and operated investing in the community in which we live.

10. Customer Satisfaction: Quality materials, quality craftsmanship and excellent Communication.

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