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Rain gutters and downspouts work together to protect your property from rain and snow. Downspouts are usually vertical and extend all the way to the ground level carrying the rainwater from your gutter system to the ground. The stormwater must be directed away from your foundation in order to protect your property from water damage. The gutter and downspouts are one of the most important components of your home. If they are improperly installed or become clogged or broken, it can cost you thousands of dollars to repair your property.

It won’t matter if your gutter system is collecting all the rainwater from your roof if your downspouts can’t keep up and direct all that water away from your foundation and off your property. So our downspout installation experts will calculate the surface area of your roof and how much water could potentially be captured by the guttering system to size your downspouts properly.

For the security and stability of your gutter system, we prefer to err on the side of larger downspouts so your gutters won’t overflow. Sometimes it makes sense to install one larger downspout instead of two smaller downspouts. This limits the number of seams you’ll have in your gutters, which means fewer leaks and a gutter system that’s easier to maintain. It also keeps you from having to find two spots to place a downspout.

As a general rule of thumb, for every 30 to 40 feet of gutter, there should be one downspout. We find the ideal locations for your downspouts at the downward part of the gutter slope that’s not near any important features, such as driveways, electrical junction boxes, water meters, or other features that should be protected from rainwater.

At GlennStone Gutters we make sure that your gutters are connected to quality downspouts to prevent leaks and clogs. Our crew of professional downspout and gutter replacement service technicians can install and repair just about any gutter and downspout. We provide both residential and commercial installation and repair of downspouts. Give us a call today to get the peace of mind that comes from having a gutter and downspout system that keeps the water out. No doubt.