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Box Gutters

Box gutters are common on historical homes, commercial buildings and on multifamily housing. Unlike the more common hanging gutters, box gutters are built into the bottom of a building’s roof line or into the bottom of the roof overhang. Because of that, box gutters blend into the look of the home’s design in a more seamless way.

Box gutters provide protection in trickier places and are concealed as part of the roof. Property owners that don’t want any alterations to the appearance of their roof install box gutters and make them near-indiscernible from the rest of the roof, as opposed to the ‘hanging’ appearance of K-styler gutters.

Some of the advantages of box style gutters are that the wider gutter opening allows for easier cleaning and more capacity. The wide bottom of box gutters allows you to install larger downspouts with greater capacity and flow.

The more modern look of box gutters suits contemporary homes and commercial buildings and blends in better with the design and architecture. The Box Style gutter can also be more harmonious and a preferred fit for non-traditional home designs.

At GlennStone Gutters, we aim to provide the look, feel, and functionality that your home or business deserves. Our seamless box gutter replacement service is the best choice for architects and builders who prefer clean lines, uncomplicated installation, and innovation.

With flat roofs, larger complex roofs, parapet walls and other architectural building features, rainwater does not always drain out directly to the external perimeter of the roof. In these instances, box gutters are the only viable option.

Box rain gutters are also the ideal choice for small spaces between two surfaces of equal height, or one that is slightly above the other – their shape and volume capacity let them fit seamlessly just about anywhere.

So, if your roof is not a traditional sloped design, then you may need to consider installing a box gutter somewhere on it. If you are interested in box gutters, give the gutter experts at GlennStone Gutters a call.